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How to Save a Microsoft Word Document in STATISTICA?

STATISTICA offers the ability to output your results, tables and graphs, to a Microsoft Word document. This feature makes creating your final analysis report easy. The step of copy and pasting the results to Word is no longer needed. Additionally, with Microsoft Word output, it is easy to share analysis output with colleagues, regardless of if they use STATISTICA.


For those using the 64 bit version of STATISTICA and the 32 bit version of Microsoft Word, problems may arise when saving the Microsoft Word document. The dialog to save the file does not default to saving the document as a *.docx, but rather a *.rtf file.

Save as docx


The Word document can be saved as a Word document, *.docx, but to do so may not be obvious. These simple steps will allow you to save your Microsoft Word document, created in STATISTICA, as a Word document and not only a Rich Text File.

  1. Change the Save as type to All Files (*.*)
  2. Type in the desired file name, adding the Microsoft Word file extension, *.docx. Now the file will save as a Microsoft Word document as expected.

Save as docx

This Microsoft Word document can be opened and edited in Word.