STATISTICA Analytic Solutions for Hedge Fund Applications

The management and analysis of diverse and complex investment portfolios requires sophisticated tools. In order to generate above-average returns on investments – to “beat the market” – it is essential to leverage the most advanced modeling tools available to be able to perform smarter analysis and to do so faster than other market participants.

STATISTICA provides the ideal platform for financial applications, and in particular for predictive modeling involving large numbers of interdependent investments.

Here is what makes the STATISTICA solution different from other analytic tools:

  • STATISTICA provides a unique and complete combination of mature analytic components and computational engines that can be deployed on your desktop (as a desktop application) or as a fully Web-enabled client-server application for role-based automated and validated analytics with audit trails and event logs, accessible to members of your group or firm.

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  • STATISTICA provides the most complete graphics engine available in any application, with thousands of graphics functions to aid in visual exploration and data mining, risk measurement and modeling, Monte Carlo and other simulation methods, etc. In STATISTICA, graphics were not added as an “afterthought;” instead, the graphical analysis capabilities of STATISTICA have been developed throughout 25 years to enable users to extract knowledge and insight from their data through the interactive use of hundreds of different graph types. There is no other tool like it!

  • STATISTICA contains the most complete collection of predictive modeling tools in a single platform, from Linear and Generalized Linear Models, to advanced data mining techniques, using effective cutting-edge machine learning algorithms including neural nets (with automatic selection of best architectures), recursive partitioning algorithms (C&RT, CHAID, etc.), stochastic gradient boosting, bagged trees (random forests), support vector machines, time series methods (including neural network models for time series data), and many others. These techniques can be used interactively, in parallel, or in sequence which enables users to quickly explore the best methods for obtaining valid predictions. Again, there is no other tool like it!

  • STATISTICA is a mature analytics platform with algorithms that have been shown to be more accurate and robust than those found in other software.

    For examples, please review the STATISTICA precision benchmarks.

  • STATISTICA also contains a large collection of distribution fitting methods, CDF and PDF functions, auto-correlation functions, and time series methods to name only a few of the thousands of functions available in the system, to allow users to apply the widest range of methods and approaches to analyze their portfolios, evaluate risk, stress-test various investment or hedging scenarios, and so on.

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  • STATISTICA provides powerful and effective methods to directly process data from database queries. STATISTICA will easily integrate into your existing information infrastructure, without the need to install a proprietary data warehouse, to write “programs” in proprietary scripting languages, and so on. STATISTICA was designed to work with your system, not to replace it!

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  • STATISTICA is built entirely from industry-standard components and programming tools; this means that you can access existing databases in virtually all industry formats and generate reports as Web pages, Microsoft Office documents, PDF documents, etc.

  • You can also access the 13,000+ graphics and analytic functions of the STATISTICA library from (integrated) Visual Basic or any other high-level language (e.g., C++, C#, etc.). STATISTICA is used in a wide range of applications and domains worldwide by leading corporations as an engine for rapid development and deployment of sophisticated custom analytic, modeling, forecasting, and graphics solutions. When you use STATISTICA, you can fully leverage your existing data repositories and easily allow your in-house experts to build sophisticated proprietary analytic modeling tools; you do not need to build a new data warehouse or “write programs” in proprietary scripting languages!

  • STATISTICA‘s random number generator is one of only a few that pass the DIEHARD suite of tests for the quality of random numbers; with STATISTICA you can run accurate simulations for pricing, Value-at-Risk and similar computations, stress testing, etc.

  • The STATISTICA platform has been refined throughout two decades to provide secure validated analytics in environments regulated by various government agencies; it is a mature solution built on years of experience and is currently in use worldwide in numerous mission critical applications. For details, see also STATISTICA Solutions for Financial Risk Management and Validated Compliance Solutions for the Banking Industry (Basel II).

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  • STATISTICA can be installed as a validated system to support role-based security, audit-trails, event-logging, etc. Not only is the usage of the system logged, but even database queries and analytic templates can be controlled and versioned (audited) to support implementations of the Advanced Internal Ratings-Based approach to Basel II compliance.

  • The STATISTICA Web-enabled client-server architecture is scalable to support hundreds or thousands of users and even the most demanding computational tasks through effective and proven load-balancing, support for parallel processing on multiprocessor servers, and other methods to ensure performance and responsiveness.

    For examples, please review the Web-enabled client-server architecture.

  • Finally, STATISTICA is a cost-effective solution, not only with respect to initial acquisition and installation cost, but also with respect to total cost of ownership. Support and training is available from the experienced staff in StatSoft offices worldwide, with multiple locations throughout Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.

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Contact StatSoft for details and a demonstration of this unique analytics platform designed specifically to support the application of advanced predictive analytic methods for hedge fund management.


About statsoftsa

StatSoft, Inc. was founded in 1984 and is now one of the largest global providers of analytic software worldwide. StatSoft is also the largest manufacturer of enterprise-wide quality control and improvement software systems in the world, and the only company capable of supporting its QC products worldwide, with wholly owned subsidiaries in all major markets (StatSoft has 23 full-service offices, on all continents), and its software is available in more than 10 languages.

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