Creating an Interactive Analysis Using STATISTICA Enterprise

STATISTICA Enterprise can be used for automated analyses and reports as well as interactive analyses. One of the main strengths of the STATISTICA Enterprise tool is the analysis templates, called analysis configurations, which automate and streamline various analysis tasks. Often, an analysis should be performed interactively, with a person to guide the project, opposed to automated results. When this is the case, Enterprise users can take advantage of existing data configurations to perform these interactive analyses with an ad hoc analysis configuration.

Standard methods of obtaining data include opening a STATISTICA spreadsheet, importing data such as Excel or a text file, or querying a database. STATISTICA Enterprise users have an additional option, the ad hoc analysis configuration. This option automates the query of the data by using a data configuration, saving time and ensuring consistency. Bringing in the right data for analysis may involve a complex query that, for example, joins multiple tables, uses specific selection criteria, etc. The ad hoc analysis configuration is a very easy way to take advantage of the work already performed for accessing the needed data.
What is an ad hoc analysis configuration? This is an analysis configuration in STATISTICA Enterprise that simply pulls in the data needed for analysis using a data configuration. Then, the analyst can work in STATISTICA interactively to perform the needed tasks.
How can I create an ad hoc analysis? First, the ad hoc analysis needs a data configuration that queries the needed data. Either create a new data configuration or use an existing one. (See an example of setting up a data configuration.)
After the data configuration is created, right-click on the folder containing the data configuration in the left pane of STATISTICA Enterprise Manager, and from the menu select New Analysis Configuration.

STATISTICA Enterprise Manager

Depending on the other uses of the data configurations, a dialog box may be displayed that contains the message The Data Configuration does not have any characteristics. Do you want to continue?

STATISTICA Enterprise Manager no characteristics

This message occurs because many analysis configurations are used to produce quality control charts where variable characteristics are required. This is not a requirement of ad hoc analysis. Click the Yes button to continue.
Next, permissions should be set for the analysis being created. A dialog box prompts you to set permissions, giving you the option to use the same permissions of the data configuration. Choose the appropriate option for your needs.

STATISTICA Enterprise permissions dialog box

Next, the new analysis configuration is created and added to the tree panel in STATISTICA Enterprise Manager. Change the analysis Type to Ad hoc Analysis.

STATISTICA Enterprise Manager select ad hoc analysis

Commit the change and the ad hoc analysis configuration is created. It is now ready for use in STATISTICA or STATISTICA Enterprise Server.
How can I use the ad hoc analysis? In STATISTICA, select the Enterprise tab. In the Enterprise group, click Run Analysis/Report. In the Run Analysis or Report dialog box, select the newly created ad hoc analysis.

STATISTICA Run Analysis or Report dialog box

Click the OK button.
In STATISTICA Enterprise Server, there is a similar option. From the Enterprise menu, select Component manager to display the Enterprise dialog box.

STATISTICA component manager dialog box

Click Run Analysis or Report, and browse to the newly created ad hoc analysis configuration. Select the ad hoc analysis, and click the Run Analysis or Report button.

STATISTICA web run analysis dialog box

In either tool, desktop STATISTICA or STATISTICA Enterprise Server, after running the analysis, the data are brought into a spreadsheet and ready for analysis.
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