April 8, 2014: Support Ends for Windows XP, Internet Explorer 6 and Office 2003

Microsoft Gold Partnership

StatSoft is a Microsoft Gold Partner. We follow Microsoft’s support schedule. STATISTICA‘s standard support ends for Windows XP, IE6 and Office 2003 on April 8, 2014.

Companies and other organizations have about 320 business days to upgrade to Windows 7 and Office 2010.

If your organization is upgrading to Windows 7 and you don’t have STATISTICA 9 or a later release, you should upgrade. STATISTICA 8 was tested/validated on Windows Vista. STATISTICA 9 was tested/validated on Windows Vista and Windows 7. We have started validating STATISTICA on Windows 8, but this release will not be available until 2013.

StatSoft has customers who are in the process of upgrading from Windows XP/Office 2003. In particular, I am thinking of global pharmaceutical, medical device, and bio-pharmaceutical customers. Because they are regulated by FDA (and other governmental bodies), they cannot just simply upgrade. The pharma companies have to ensure that use of the software is “validated.” These companies have been planning and have started rolling out the upgrade. They will finish the upgrade process well before April 8, 2014. Yeah!

I have heard some individuals at various companies complain about upgrading to Office 2010. They don’t want to lose their menus. They dislike or hate Ribbons. To these individuals,  I suggest watching a 90 minute video that shows the story of the Ribbon.

Microsoft’s development team for Office 2007 had an epiphany. They realized the “user interface was failing our users.” They had “vastly overestimated how well our current user interface was working.” After adjusting to the change, Ribbons work better than menus for the average user.

Word Ribbon Bar

This video helped me realize the Ribbons were created to help with visual categorization. Human brains are all about naming and categorizing.

After watching this video, I stopped seeing “Ribbon haters” as resistent to change. Maybe they are frustrated with how the functionality is grouped. For these people, it helps to create a “reference sheet” that maps menus to Ribbons. And it helps to acknowledge that their issues are real, but the fact is, Microsoft only provides Ribbons now.

There are also technical reasons why individuals dislike Ribbons. They may have backward compatibility issues. Many organizations created custom menus and they have struggled with customizing Ribbons.

StatSoft does understand the challenge that some individuals have moving to Ribbons. This is why we have menus and Ribbon bars within STATISTICA. By default, STATISTICA will display the Ribbon bar, but it is easy to switch to menus.

Note: StatSoft recommends using Ribbons.


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StatSoft, Inc. was founded in 1984 and is now one of the largest global providers of analytic software worldwide. StatSoft is also the largest manufacturer of enterprise-wide quality control and improvement software systems in the world, and the only company capable of supporting its QC products worldwide, with wholly owned subsidiaries in all major markets (StatSoft has 23 full-service offices, on all continents), and its software is available in more than 10 languages.

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