How to Remove Menu Commands Using the Classic Menus Interface

STATISTICA offers the flexibility of fully customizable user interfaces. Adjusting the standard user interface to better suit your specific needs is a quick and easy task with STATISTICA. This article will benefit those who use the classic menus (hierarchical style) interface.

One way of customizing the user interface is to delete menu commands. Perhaps there are commands on a menu that you do not use or are not available (appear dimmed) based on the STATISTICA package you have installed, so you may want to remove these commands to make the user interface more appropriate to your needs. You can also remove entire menus. This example describes removing menus and/or commands from the classic menus.

First, from the Tools menu, select Customize.

The Customize dialog will be displayed.










Select the Menu tab. The Show menus for option is a drop-down list where you can select different document types in STATISTICA (Spreadsheet, Graph, Report, Workbook, etc.). Each document type has its own associated menus. For example, when a spreadsheet is active, the Data menu is available, but it is not displayed when other document types are active.

Now, with the Customize dialog displayed, and Spreadsheet selected in the Show menus for list, right-click on the menu or menu command you want to delete [all menu commands are available (not dimmed) when the Customize dialog is displayed, which enables you to delete them]. A shortcut menu will be displayed.














Click Delete to remove that menu or command. In the image above, we are removing Automated Neural Networks from the Statistics menu.

However, this only removes this menu/command from the Statistics menu associated with general spreadsheets.  If you select a different document type, such as a Graph, then the Statistics menu will still have that command listed. As previously mentioned, each document type has its own set of menus, so you need to repeat these instructions several times with each different type of document active.
























If you want to add deleted commands back to a menu, select the document type on the Menu tab and click the Reset button to reset the currently selected menu and undo any changes you have made by returning the menu to its default composition. You can also click the Reset All button to reset all of the menus to their default compositions.

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