How to Use the Statistical Advisor

f you are not certain which particular procedure within STATISTICA you should use for a specific problem, consult the Statistical Advisor.

The Statistical Advisor facility is built into the STATISTICA Electronic Manual. It lists a set of questions about the nature of the research problem and the type of data.

For each question, click on the appropriate answer to proceed to the next question or suggestion. If you are unsure of the answer to the question, click on the Get More Info link to read more about that particular topic.

Based on your answers to the successive questions about the nature of your research, the Statistical Advisor suggests which statistical methods could be used and where to find them in STATISTICA.


To access the Statistical Advisor from the ribbon bar, select the Help tab. In the Help group, click Statistical Advisor.

To access the Statistical Advisor from the classic toolbar, select Statistical Advisor from the Help menu.

Additionally, you can explore examples for commonly used statistical tests. Click the commonly used statistical tests link in the first page of the Statistical Advisor to access this topic.

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