Visualize Data with Color Coding

color coding dataWant to quickly see (without reading text) if a particular row of data is *bad*? You can always color code the data. You can visualize your data with conditional formating.

Start by downloading After you unzip, you will see one file, ColorBackground.svb.

To see the value of color coding, start STATISTICA and open the downloaded macro. Now open the example dataset, “Cat Clinic.sta”.

If you don’t know how to open example datasets, start by selecting the File menu -> Open Examples menu. Now open the Datasets folder. You will see hundreds of STATISTICA spreadsheets. Select  “Cat Clinic”.

We are going to see which cats are overweight with a standard BMI (body mass index) formula.

BMI = (weight / (height x height)) x 703

NOTE: We know there is a different BMI formula for cats. But our dataset does not include the rib cage measurement, so we are using the human BMI formula

You have the dataset and macro open. The macro has the focus. Type F5 to execute the macro.

Variable 3 (V3) has the weight. Variable 4 (V4) has the cat’s height. So the calculation for an overweight cat is:

(V3/(V4*V4)) * 703 > 24

color coding over weight cats

Click OK. The data is now color coded. Overweight cats are red.

color coding data for visualization


Image Credit: Color Coded Bookshelf

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