Predictive Patient Management






Predictive Patient Management

Healthcare and the delivery of healthcare services is undergoing major structural changes in the US and worldwide. These changes—driven by the need to deliver more effective treatments more economically in order to control cost—create new demands and challenges for hospitals, health plan providers, insurers, and medical professionals at all levels. As electronic medical record (EMR) systems collect more and more data, what is needed is an effective analytics platform that leverages those data to guide better treatment strategies, predict risk such as hospital readmission risk, and supports validated analytic compliance reporting. In addition, these tools and analytic capabilities must be flexible and easy to integrate to support all available data sources, including existing IT and legacy systems which cannot easily be phased out.

The STATISTICA Solution for Predictive Patient Management provides configurable platforms to address unique challenges experienced in the healthcare industry. Comprehensive collection of analytic and graphical modules supports model building and reporting for tasks, like patient and physician profiling, recurrences and readmissions forecasting, total cost and risks estimation and many other research types.

The STATISTICA solution incorporates mature analytic templates and predictive model lifecycle management with version control and audit logs, and is built to support all common standards and interfaces, so that that the solution can be easily integrated with the existing data repositories, reporting tools, scheduling engines, etc. While many solutions in this space today require revolutionary changes to IT practices and skill sets, STATISTICA makes it easy to embrace leading edge but proven predictive modeling technology to optimize practically all activities around health care delivery.

The STATISTICA Predictive Patient Management solution combines analytics with a decisioning engine that enables direct integration of medical knowledge into modeling, enables conclusions from models in terms of prescriptions, usually referenced as prescriptive analytics. Detailed reports and logs that are maintained during routine operations ensure audit compliance.


  • Complete analytics and analytic reporting and BI platform: STATISTICA is extremely comprehensive and capable of supporting today’s fast-changing and highly competitive healthcare businesses which generate big data with high-velocity rates.
  • Leading-Edge Big Data Predictive Analytics: Sophisticated algorithms to build models that provide the highest accuracy for predictive patient management and best ROI.
  • Enterprise-Wide Solutions: A multi-user, role-based, secure STATISTICA Enterprise platform allows for a truly collaborative and efficient environment to build, test, and deploy the best possible models for predictive patient management.
  • Reflexive Models for RealTime Needs: Live Score® processes new data immediately and updates models in rapid turn-around times made possible only by STATISTICA’s integrated solutions.
  • Integrated Workflow: STATISTICA Decisioning Platform® provides a streamlined workflow where business rules and industry regulations are used in conjunction with advanced analytics to build powerful predictive models.
  • The system is deployed in literally hundreds of environments compliant with respective regulatory requirements.

About statsoftsa

StatSoft, Inc. was founded in 1984 and is now one of the largest global providers of analytic software worldwide. StatSoft is also the largest manufacturer of enterprise-wide quality control and improvement software systems in the world, and the only company capable of supporting its QC products worldwide, with wholly owned subsidiaries in all major markets (StatSoft has 23 full-service offices, on all continents), and its software is available in more than 10 languages.

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