Upgrade from SAS to a Better Alternative

StatSoft are the creators of STATISTICA

Upgrade from SAS to a Better Alternative

SAS: Expensive and Difficult to use

SAS software is expensive and carries high, unpredictable, annual licensing costs. SAS software is difficult to use, requiring specific SAS programming expertise, and it drives users toward dependency on only SAS-specific solutions such as their proprietary data warehouses. Data visualization is integral for analytics, but SAS’s graphics have major shortcomings.

The power not to pay for obsolete technology

With STATISTICA, StatSoft offers the most comprehensive data mining solution on the market, with superior analytics capabilities and higher performance. Instead of locking you into proprietary standards and vendor dependence, STATISTICA uses more open, modern technologies designed to interface with all industry standard components of your technology infrastructure. This means ultra-fast integration with Oracle, MS SQL Server, and other databases, and use of your current data.


Analytics professionals consistently rank us highest in customer satisfaction in independent surveys in ease of use and capabilities.

StatSoft is an Intel® Software Premier Elite Partner, developing technologies that leverage Intel CPU architecture to deliver unmatched parallel processing performance.

How to Proceed

StatSoft makes it easy to transition your current SAS environment to STATISTICA, either gradually or all at once. STATISTICA offers:

  • Direct import/export to SAS files
  • Deployment of predictive models to SAS code to score against SAS data sets
  • Native integration to run R programs

For a limited time, we offer to qualifying customers a special upgrade program–MSP (Migration from SAS Program)–where the initial software acquisition cost is guaranteed to be below your current SAS annual renewal cost (and StatSoft annual fees are guaranteed to remain always at only 20% of the initial cost, adjusted for CPI). As part of MSP, we also offer discounted migration service fees if our consultants are engaged to facilitate the migration process.

For more information and for specific recommendations to suit your needs, please contact one of our representatives using the form on the right side of the page.


STATISTICA was the highest ranked in customer satisfaction in 16 of 20 categories, among commercial software vendors

In each of the four remaining categories (Ease of Use, Data Manipulation Capabilities, Enables Mining within One’s Database, and Quality of User Interface), STATISTICA came in a very close second.

How to Negotiate with SAS

For years customers have complained about the difficulties of negotiating with SAS and the licensing approach that SAS takes. Recently (2013) Forrester Research published a Quick Guide to Help You Prepare for a SAS Software Negotiation. This guide covers three areas that users must understand as they enter negotiations with SAS.

Recent Cautions from Gartner (2013)

  • “References continue to report that SAS is very difficult to implement and use“
  • “Customer references report that cost is the most common factor blocking further adoption, and they cite low results in the achievement of business benefits”
  • “SAS’s customer experience and product support are in the lower quartile of vendors “

**Gartner report 2013, reprinted on the Building the Analytic Enterprise blog

Quotes from Current and Former SAS Users

  • STATISTICA runs circles around SAS.”
    – Member of software evaluation team at a Fortune 100 company, following the benchmarking of the two programs on a complex data task
  • “I would go to quite great lengths to demonstrate value [of STATISTICA] over SAS, and their ‘alleged’ support (it has been interestingly bereft of expertise, and at best an exercise in confusion and inconsistency)… I’ve run several SAS shops, which was simply, from the server end, far too complicated (and besides, I hate their code – hence why I am an R/Python fan and love Statistica for workflow generation). In the time it has taken me to struggle through this nutso mess, I could have installed a supercluster with Statistica/R/Python…with every bell and whistle imaginable and been working on scientific problems already.”
    – Senior Statistician at International IT Hosting Company, Aug. 2013
  • “SAS is very expensive and I suspect the Enterprise Miner tool is not being used much. I stopped using it a couple of years ago. […] I can make a positive recommendation now [in favor of STATISTICA].”
    – Senior Statistician at one of the largest US Healthcare Providers, Sept. 2013
  • “[SAS Enterprise Miner] is way too expensive to buy, let alone to maintain the unknown annual fees.”
    – Director of Risk Management & current SAS user at major Home Appliance Leasing Company, Aug. 2013
  • STATISTICA is more user-friendly than SAS and SPSS, and also STATISTICA has a better integration with R.”
    – Program Manager / Data Scientist at one of the world’s leading National Aerospace Agencies, Aug. 2013
  • “I have a huge set of csv files (about 40GB in total) and have been trying to import them to SAS. What a mess – SAS (even running on the UNIX server) is so slow it is ridiculous. So, I tried Statistica (your import module) and that runs _much_ faster – you did a really good job on this module.”
    – Big Data Scientist at one of USA’s largest Health Care Providers, Aug. 2013
  • “SAS is comprehensive but it’s programming intensive, lots of overhead and expensive. STATISTICA is easy-to-use, comprehensive and cost effective.”
    – Lead Data Mining (and SAS-certified) Programmer at major American Car Manufacturer, Aug. 2013
  • “[My] predecessor had purchased SAS Enterprise Miner; Enterprise Miner was extremely expensive and unwieldy and it wasn’t being used so they replaced it with STATISTICA (which is much more intuitive and cost effective).”
    – Chief Scientist at multi-billion dollar Healthcare Network, Aug. 2013
  • “Overcomplicated, slow, and based on old technologies. SAS shows you exactly how to NOT do business intelligence in 2012. You will not have time to analize (sic) your data…”
    – Fabio, forum poster at Amplicate.com, posted 11/17/12 [extracted 11/26/12]
  • “Someone should explain to SAS and H-P that vendors are supposed to provide customers with honest guidance about how to implement a product. If ‘needed pre-planning does not occur’, it’s likely because the customer wasn’t told it was necessary.”
    – Product Management Director, Analytics Company
  • “We have been trying to divorce from SAS for a number of years and it has not been easy. STATISTICA makes it easy for us because of migration and integration options, allowing us to transition at our pace and with confidence. We chose to evaluate STATISTICA for its known track record, capabilities and increasing popularity with young talent which we hired.”
    – BI Manager, Major Insurance Company, Jan. 2013
  • “We acquired our SAS license seven years ago and quickly learned that with SAS, you do not pay just an annual renewal and support fee – you practically have to ‘buy’ the software again every year. Our first year renewal fee was already 60% of the initial purchase price, and it increased steadily and every year. Two years ago, our annual fee exceeded the initial purchase price we paid, and it keeps going up much faster than the inflation. This is not sustainable.”
    – CEO, International Technology Company
  • “SAS continues to provide a public speaking platform for a ‘customer’ who sings the praises of High Performance Analytics Server but hasn’t actually purchased the product. Note to analysts: if some guy tells you how much he likes the product, ask him if he bought it.”
    – Product Management Director, Analytics Company
  • “We have a new project and we are not keen on using SAS again as the previous project was extremely costly and did not produce the desired results… At the same time we are confident in STATISTICA’s abilities to deliver.”
    – Global Head of Security and Loss Prevention, International Mining Company, Jan. 2011
  • “It took eight weeks to install SAS Enterprise Miner. The installer just didn’t work. And we’re a midsize company, so we were a low priority for SAS’s technical support.” 
    – Engineer, Chemical Company
  • “Early in our evaluation, we eliminated SAS from our consideration of fraud detection solutions primarily due to the exorbitant cost.”
    – Chief Actuary, Insurance Company
  • “SAS isn’t talking about SAS High Performance Analytics Server, its marquee in-memory software for predictive analytics. This product went into production fourteen months ago and has no public reference customers to date. Given the full-court marketing press SAS gave to this product last year, the implication is that (a) nobody’s buying it; (b) it doesn’t work; or both.”
    – Product Management Director, Analytics Company
  • “We have been disappointed with your competitor’s product over the last three years.”
    – IT Manager, Fortune 500 energy company, in a letter to StatSoft about SAS, Jan. 2013
  • “As part of the redesign of our infrastructure, we need to migrate from SAS—and I am ‘shocked’ by the commercial proposal we received from SAS (much higher than the prices seen on the net). Our management requested that we look for alternatives.” 
    – IT Support Engineer via French IT Forum Developpez.com, Nov. 2012
  • “SAS has ridiculously restrictive conditions for consultants requiring to buy new licenses depending on the number of clients. As I told them, I am not looking for a new business partner; I just want to buy software.” 
    – Independent Consultant in letter to StatSoft, Nov. 2012
  • “Yesterday, Tony Cosentino of Ventana Research published his perspective on the conference, writing at length about SAS Visual Analytics… ‘…according to our benchmark research into predictive analytics, 55 percent of businesses say the challenge of architectural integration is a top obstacle to rolling out predictive analytics in the organization.’ No doubt this is true, and SAS’ proprietary server-based architecture is one reason why this is a problem. ”
    – Product Management Director, Analytics Company
  • “We had used SAS on-demand for my data mining class. A few days before finals, all of our students’ project files were corrupted. Our SAS technical support representative confirmed there was nothing that could be done to restore the files. We’re switching to STATISTICA.”
    – University Professor
  • “Now, all graduate students use R. It is getting more difficult to find SAS programmers.”
    – Head of Statistics, Pharmaceutical Company
  • “We used SAS until May 2009 when we converted to WPS. The conversion went remarkably smoothly and was completed on time. Not only did we save a substantial amount in licensing fees, we also regained functionality such as Graphs that we had previously removed because of the cost.”
    – Survey Respondent on KDNuggets.com, Aug. 2010
  • “Announced two years ago and launched seventeen months ago, as of this writing [April 29, 2013] SAS still has no public success stories for the product, possibly because customers are unwilling to shell out a couple million in first year fees plus a couple more million for the appliance it runs in for a big sandbox.”
    – Product Management Director, Analytics Company
  • “I am a statistician by education, and have over 20 years of experience developing and implementing statistical models…I was on the ground floor of SAS’s first partnering program and have had my own license since. The past few years the license for the package has stayed fairly constant at $2500-$3000, but the renewal this year is a whopping $4000. So, I am interested in how STATISTICA compares to SAS, both in terms of price and functionality.”
    – Independent Consultant, Direct Marketing Insurance Industry, April 2013
  • “SAS’s pricing and licensing model is not cost-effective for a company like mine.”
    – Chief Actuary, Insurance Company
  • “You might wonder why SAS feels compelled to keep its ‘Big Data’ stories under wraps. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about software design or any other intellectual property that warrants protection; in this case, the vendors don’t want you to know the truth about implementation because it conflicts with the hype. As the paper’s author puts it, ‘this sounds very scary and expensive.’ ‘Very scary’ and ‘expensive’ don’t mix with ‘buy this product now.’”
    – Product Management Director, Analytics Company

About statsoftsa

StatSoft, Inc. was founded in 1984 and is now one of the largest global providers of analytic software worldwide. StatSoft is also the largest manufacturer of enterprise-wide quality control and improvement software systems in the world, and the only company capable of supporting its QC products worldwide, with wholly owned subsidiaries in all major markets (StatSoft has 23 full-service offices, on all continents), and its software is available in more than 10 languages.

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