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Telenor Digital Selects StatSoft’s STATISTICA Decisioning Platform® for Global Credit Risk Management Projects

telenor-digital-200TULSA, OK, USA [January 28, 2014] – StatSoft announced today that Telenor Digital has selected STATISTICA Decisioning Platform® for its global risk analysis solution.
Driven by its mission to bring modern communication infrastructures to customers worldwide, Telenor Digital has embarked on a new goal to provide flexible credit instruments and opportunities to heretofore under-banked customers. For this purpose, Telenor Digital evaluated leading analytic software platforms available on the market to supply the critical capabilities for modeling, model management, model deployment, and compliance reporting.
Important requirements included the analytics platform’s ability to accommodate diverse regulatory and physical constraints of deployment, great flexibility with respect to interoperability with other systems, and easy deployment to virtual and cloud environments. After a careful review, Telenor chose StatSoft’s STATISTICA Decisioning Platform to meet these challenges, while providing a proven and robust solution capable of supporting a dynamically growing enterprise.
Dr. Thomas Hill, Vice President for Analytic Solutions at StatSoft, Inc., remarked, “We are excited to have this opportunity to deploy our Decisioning Platform to Telenor Digital, and to support Telenor Digital’s continuous drive toward delivering new opportunities to new customers. Government regulated financial services demand the highest quality components, most stringent documentation and validation, and advanced capabilities, not only around analytics but also security, version control, and audit logs. Working for more than a decade in this domain, StatSoft has developed a deep understanding of these requirements, and a mature platform to meet them.”
The initial installation of STATISTICA Decisioning Platform was completed at the end of 2013.
Telenor Group is an international provider of tele, data and media communication services. Telenor Group has mobile operations in 12 markets in the Nordic region, Central and Eastern Europe, and in Asia, as well as a voting stake of 42.95 percent (economic stake 33 percent) in VimpelCom Ltd., operating in 17 markets. Headquartered in Norway, Telenor Group is one of the world’s major mobile operators with more than 160 million mobile subscriptions in its consolidated operations per Q2 2013, revenues in 2012 of NOK 102 billion, and a workforce of nearly 34,000.
StatSoft, Inc., was founded in 1984 and is now one of the world’s largest providers of analytics software, with 30 offices around the globe and more than one million users of its STATISTICA software. StatSoft’s solutions enjoy an extremely high level of user satisfaction across industries, as demonstrated in the unprecedented record of top ratings in practically all published reviews and large, independent surveys of analytics users worldwide. With its comprehensive suite of STATISTICA solutions for a wide variety of industries, StatSoft is a trusted partner of the world’s largest organizations and businesses (including most of the Fortune 500 companies), providing mission-critical applications that help them increase productivity, control risk, reduce waste, streamline operations, achieve regulatory compliance, and protect the environment.

STATISTICA Enterprise Server Knowledge Portal





With STATISTICA Enterprise Server portal tools, you can post up-to-date reports, charts, and tables on the Internet automatically, virtually in real-time, and without knowledge of HTML or Java programming languages.

The product is available in two versions:

  • Knowledge Portal – is a powerful, Web-based, knowledge-sharing tool that allows your colleagues, employees, and/or customers (with appropriate permissions) to log in and quickly and efficiently get access to the information they need, by reviewing predefined reports.
  • Interactive Knowledge Portal – offers to the portal visitors all the functionality of the Knowledge Portal and additional options.  These options include allowing the user to define and request new reports, run queries and custom analyses, drill down and up, slice/dice data, and gain insight from all resources that are made available to them by the portal designers or administrators.

In addition, the STATISTICA Enterprise Server Knowledge Portal can be integrated with the optional STATISTICA Document Management System.

STATISTICA Sequence, Association, and Link Analysis





STATISTICA Sequence, Association and Link Analysis (SAL) is designed to address the needs of clients in healthcare, retailing, banking and insurance, etc., industries. It can be used for model building and deployment. SAL is an implementation of several state-of-the-art techniques specifically designed for extracting rules from datasets (databases) that can be generally characterized as “market-baskets.”

fruit basket, creative common license,“Market-Basket” Metaphor

The market-basket problem assumes that there are a large number of products that can be purchased by the customer, either in a single transaction, or over time in a sequence of transactions. Such products can be goods displayed in a supermarket, spanning a wide range of items from groceries to electrical appliances, or they can be insurance packages which customers might be willing to purchase, etc. Customers fill their basket with only a fraction of what is on display or on offer.

Association Rules

Association Rule graphAssociation rules can be extracted from a database of transactions, to determine which products are frequently purchased together. For example, one might find that purchases of flashlights also typically coincide with purchases of batteries in the same basket. Likewise, when transactions are time-stamped, allowing the analysts to track purchases.

Sequence Analysis

Sequence Association GraphSequence analysis is concerned with a subsequent purchase of a product or products given a previous buy. For instance, buying an extended warranty is more likely to follow (in that specific sequential order) the purchase of a TV or other electric appliances. Sequence rules, however, are not always that obvious and sequence analysis helps you to extract such rules no matter how hidden they may be in your market-basket data. There is a wide range of applications for sequence analysis in many areas of industry and since including customer shopping patterns, phone call patterns, the fluctuation of the stock market, DNA sequence and web-log streams.

Link Analysis

Once extracted, rules about associations or the sequences of items as they occur in a transaction database can be extremely useful for numerous applications. Obviously, in retailing or marketing, knowledge of purchase “patterns” can help with the direct marketing of special offers to the “right” or “ready” customers (i.e., those that, according to the rules, are most likely to purchase some specific items given their observed past consumption patterns).

However, transaction databases occur in many areas of business, such as banking, as well as general customer “intelligence.” In fact, the term “link analysis” is often used when these techniques — for extracting sequential or non-sequential association rules — are applied to organize complex “evidence.”

It is easy to see how the “transactions” or “market-basket” metaphor can be applied to situations where individuals engage in certain actions, open accounts, contact other specific individuals, and so on. Applying the technologies described here to such databases may quickly extract patterns and associations between individuals and actions, and hence, reveal the patterns and structure in datasets.

Predictive Quality Control

STATISTICA: Customer Feedback and Testimonials





We guarantee that STATISTICA is, by far, the easiest to use and the most intuitive statistics package available on the market. Many companies claim that their products are easy to use. However, very few can really prove it… Below is a sample of feedback notes and customer quotes recently received from STATISTICA users. Only a sample of comments which included a signed permission to quote, are listed.

STATISTICA beats them all out of the water …. and I have used all kinds of statistical software ……EXTREMELY POWERFUL that pushes all others away, once you get into the others and see how “clunky” they are ….

Jack Minogue DD, MD, MS
Former President of DePaul University

[STATISTICA is a] very important business information system solution. This will make a significant impact in our ability to enable and drive the continual improvement of our process performance and product quality.

Vice President, Operations
Global Pharmaceuticals Company

I am in the favourable position that I have other software available…But having used these other packages I still prefer to use Statistica as my main data analysis tool. Still spending a large proportion of my day working with Statistica. It has served me really well over the last 11 years as full time statistical consultant.

Prof Martin Kidd
University of Stellenbosch

Over my 30 years in industry, I have used several statistical analysis software packages…I have not found another package that provides the technical support that you have provided to my team.

R&D Manager
Worldwide Building Products Manufacturer

I have been extremely happy with version 12’s overall performance and stability, even with very large data sets.

Manager, Strategic Marketing and Pricing
Fortune 100 Company

Thanks for the help. The reason I like STATISTICA so much is the help you can get. Stats are just stats but you all have always been fun to work with and a lot of help.

John D. Woodling
University of Colorado – Boulder

As an engineer, I have been using STATISTICA for over 15 years and it has provided me with a wide range of analytical capabilities, from simple regression to multivariate analysis. In one instance, I was able to model industrial aluminum alloys heat treating and reduce the furnace cycle time by 54%, saving energy and increasing productivity. Throughout my career in the aluminum industry, STATISTIC has enabled me to translate complicated principles into visual representation. It has also provided me with insights into product and process improvements.

Hélène Lagacé

STATISTICA provides a powerful tool…for our QbD approaches and associated cGMP practices. In our opinion STATISTICA is the best software for scientists that are looking for statistical analysis as an essential part of their research…The strong points of STATISTICA are clearly the graphics, vast range of ready to use analysis tab and ease of use.

Sarabjit Singh
Panacea Biotec Limited

We found STATISTICA a powerful tool for our needs within our clinical research activities. We chose STATISTICA to perform the critical statistical analysis as it provides a simplistic user interface, high quality graphics and [is] easy to use.

Dr. Sanjay Maroo
Troikaa Pharmaceuticals Limited

We have purchased STATISTICA Data Miner software for our department from Arc Bangladesh Ltd….We found the [two-day] training program very informative for our faculties and students…

Dr. Ishrat Islam
Bangladesh University of Engineering Technology

STATISTICA is a reliable software for research data analysis that allows for a wide range of statistical approaches and methods…It’s particularly powerful for very large databases. It provides a friendly user interface ready to use for [inexperienced] researchers…and students.

Dr. Brezo Martinez
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

I used STATISTICA for my doctoral dissertation because it was one of the best Time Series analyses programs on the market. I had looked at R, S Plus, SPSS, and Minitab and SAS. JMP is a real contender, but I feel it is not as easy to capture and paste screens in JMP. I spent the last two days demonstrating how to use the software to analyze auto correlated data. This product is superior in this analysis.

James Stevenson

My company has been using StatSoft’s STATISTICA for years and it does all of the things that you found to be shortcomings of SAS, SPSS and Matlab…

John Dudley
LinkedIn Statistical Consultants – Group

I am a quantitative methods trainer in my organization and found your website very useful. Information provided is very comprehensive as well as presented in a simplistic manner. Congratulations for great work!!!

Mayank Bhargava
Infiniti Research Limited

In my opinion STATISTICA is the best software for scientists that are looking for analysis as an essential part of their results and not only an inferential statistical test. And StatSoft’s technical support team is outstanding. Their knowledge of the software is impeccable and they truly follow through on their commitment to assist the customer’s request from the beginning to the end.

Monica Pessanah
Myofrastand, Inc.

Excellent Reference Book!

James Macklin

The EASE with which graphics can be generated is the main reason I prefer STATISTICA over SAS.

D. Jackson
Stanford University

Strong Points: Graphics, EASE OF USE, good examples.

Laertis Economicos

Rating: Excellent. Strong Points: EASE OF USE WITHOUT MANUAL.

Harry B. Cline

SPSS takes 5 weeks of instruction; with STATISTICA, students do analyses by the second week…

Eugene Packer
William Paterson College

I have been a STATISTICA user since it first came out in DOS. I have always marveled at the elegance of the program and the dynamics that it provides. If you could equate STATISTICA with art it was a symphony. Now, however, from the din of all statistical programs comes a solo from what I could say rivals a Stradivari. You have set a new standard in sheer power, ease and, most importantly, elegance. A class act and no mistake.

Chris Armetta
Andrew Corporation

Excellent Graphics, “look and feel”, functionality – excellent workbook implementation – marvelous customizability – solid programming interface for custom solutions and output, etc. This is really great analytical software…so powerful – especially with the VB language that most things can be programmed if not already present!

Dr. Paul Barrett
Mariner 7 

Reports, Graphs and ease of graph personalization; stat presentation – for reports; much better data import not having to switch modules!!

Charles J. Thor
CJT-Performance Systems

The strong points of STATISTICA are clearly the graphics and ease of use.

Grace Ling

Provides a simplistic user interface without sacrificing functionality. A truly well structured and comprehensive statistics package.

Seth Masek
Vanguard Medical Concepts, Inc. 

STATISTICA modules are excellent analysis tools; administration and wizards are easy to use.

Michael Linde
Steelcase North America

Comprehensive, covering all kinds of statistical analysis needed by our group working on sensory evaluation of food products.

K.K. Bhat
Central Food Technological Research Institute

Excellent. Handles large ANOVA/MANOVA designs easily.

LTC J. M. King
US Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory

Excellent. Easy to use, powerful, user-friendly. Excellent documentation.

M. A. Sackner, CEO
Nims, Inc.

STATISTICA is the best product out there!”

Dr. Alan Stolzer
Saint Louis University

STATISTICA is a better program than any other one on the market.”

Edward A. Weissenburger
Process Excellence

“This problem (predicting dissolution with near infrared spectral data) had been haunting this industry since 1992. We are the first group to successfully complete this task. Core of this success is powerful, state-of-art STATISTICA data mining algorithms.”

Gerald Rajan
University of Tennessee, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Graphics, Analysis options, & interface are all excellent. The programming capability is truly the one feature which makes this application the best of all statistical analyses packages. SPSS now looks slightly “quaint” compared to STATISTICA– even my students can see the difference between old fashioned software like SPSS & the new generation software like STATISTICA!

Prof. Paul Barrett
University of Auckland

The quality of graphics is unsurpassed. All procedures have many options and are very complete and “in-depth.” The speed of the system, even on huge data sets, is amazing.

Philippe de Marchin
Texma Newtech

The workbook feature is outstanding. I certainly choose this program for most types of clinical research I do, based on ease on use, comprehensive features, and the really terrific, tasteful, publication-quality graphics.

Rudi Hiebert
Hospital for Joint Diseases OIOC, New York

Friendly interface. Graphics. Large spectrum of statistical analysis.

Adriano Paglia
Conservation International – Brazil

Program-wide range of statistical options.
Ease of manipulating data.
Documentation very good. Clear examples.
Now much neater ways of keeping results and ordering them.
I like the spreadsheet style of results.

Dr. Philip Hughes
Christian Research Association

Nice, clean, user-friendly interface.
Einstein was wrong, something is faster than the speed of light — it’s STATISTICA!
Graphics that will make any report shine.

Jay Memmott
St. Louis University

Very similar to the old version (5.0) so it was easy to upgrade or convert to the old program.
This is undoubtedly the best stats program I’ve used today

Paul Moore
Bowling Green State University

Since 1987 I have used STATISTICA. From the early DOS version to the current version 6, I have always believed STATISTICA to be best available tool, on the market, for the professional or academic statistician, analyst, forecaster or researcher. Version 6 is the most impressive yet. The market will not be able to compete and beat this. (…) I have not yet experienced any version 6 weakness.

Ron Veltman
SERCo Rail

Rich in features and data manipulation and portability between analyses.

Greg Prong
Dura Automotive (Canada), Ltd.

By far the best of all the statistics packages I have used. Documentation is full and excellent, graphing capabilities excellent, user interface intuitively easy to understand and helpful in avoiding errors.

Dr. Robin Holloway
University of Toronto

Accurate, appropriate, complete, fast. I have complete faith in mathematical/computational correctness and appropriateness for statistical procedures – exactly what I need for my data analyses.

Dr. Kevin B. Bennett
Wright State University

Very good documentation on statistics that is a good help for users who have a good knowledge and a good teacher who doesn’t know well what to do with those statistical tools.

Alexandra Santos

I know of no other software with so many quality capabilities in a single package.

W.G. Setser
Induron Coatings, Inc.

Looks fabulous! – A great set of new features.

Mogens R. Jensen, Ph.D.
Cognitive Education Systems

I have been a STATISTICA user since it first came out in DOS. I have always marveled at the elegance of the program and the dynamics that it provides. If you could equate STATISTICA with art it was a symphony. Now, however, from the din of all statistical programs comes a solo from what I could say rivals a Stradivari. You have set a new standard in sheer power, ease and, most importantly, elegance. A class act and no mistake.

Chris Armetta
Andrew Corp.

As usual, the DEPTH and ACCURACY of STATISTICA blows away any competition. It is nice to see a company that actually focuses on developing the BEST statistical analysis software, and not get distracted into other areas of business.

Brandon Vaughn
Dothan, AL

Excellent Graphics, “look and feel”, functionality – excellent workbook implementation – marvelous customizability – solid programming interface for custom solutions and output, etc. This is really great analytical software…so powerful – especially with the VB language that most things can be programmed if not already present!

Dr. Paul Barrett
Mariner7 Ltd.

Workbooks for combining analysis with data is excellent. Use of COM architecture is potentially the most useful feature of the system.

Stephen Britt
Tillinghast – Towers Perrin

Reports, Graphs and ease of graph personalization; stat presentation – for reports; much better data import not having to switch modules!!

Charles J. Thor
CJT-Performance Systems

Excellent all around and easy to use.

Dr. Herbert J. Walberg
Chicago, IL

(Strong points:) Graphics and easy to use.

Grace Ling

Provides a simplistic user interface without sacrificing functionality. A truly well structured and comprehensive statistics package.

Seth Masek
Vanguard Medical Concepts, Inc.

Speed; comprehensiveness; graphics are incredible tools for analysis.

Charles Puglisi

Workbooks are very good for project management; more user friendly!; electronic manual is a real asset; Six Sigma will assist me in my black belt projects; better format as opposed to previous versions; graphs!!!; much better than Minitab!

Edward A. Weissenburger
Pharmaceutical Sourcing Group Americas

User friendly, works quickly, rich of the possibilities for user.

Dr. Jan Slavik
Charels University-Faculty of Education

Incredible spectrum analysis abilities. To get the same abilities with other software, I’d have to pay much more.

Michele Rice Carpenter
Radford University

Greatest program going! All the stats you could ever need!! I’ve used it for 3 yrs-& love it!

Henry Joseph Johnson
Healing Touch Oncology

Powerful, flexible, nice selection of stats and graphics ability.

Mark T. Lombardi
Graduate Student, Colorado State University

Outstanding Manual. Great way to learn stats with real world examples. Have used it for 6 years and love it.

Rajiv Agarwal

Comprehensive package. Excellent graphics. Well organized.

Grzegorz Moorthi

STATISTICA modules are excellent analysis tools; administration and wizards are easy to use.

Michael Linde
Steelcase North America

Simply the best statistical software package.

Flemming Rosleff
Hamlet Hospital

Plenty of features, accurate statistics and very good graph control. I really like this program.

Rajdeep S Kalgutkar
Northwestern University

Export of the graphs is really improved; compatibility with Windows environment; capability to carry out various analyses; weak points not yet found.

Oddzial Morski IMGW

Great integration of statistics and graphics; overcomes the awkwardness of the old Stat Graphics; the great variety of statistical procedures and the relative ease of executing them.

Dr. Ray L Littlejohn
St. Louis, MO

Easy to use, clear help with animated overviews and examples.

Frank de Groot

Comprehensive, covering all kinds of statistical analysis needed by our group working on sensory evaluation of food products.

K.K. Bhat
Central Food Technological Research Inst.

This program will save me an incredible amount of time in conducting surveys and the subsequent analyses.

Brian Frank
MetLife – Quality Management

Many tools, versatility.

Sajal Pokharel
University of Denver

Many options, easy installation, extensive documentation.

Goldsmith Lab
Gladstone Institute of Immunology & Virology, UCSF

ide range of features, good graphics, Module system – economic use of RAM, excellent electronic manual.

Tim Hipkiss
Umea University

Seems like a very powerful stats program quite a bit better than Origin, easier than IDL.

Seth Andreas Hieronymus
Hieronymus Technologies

I have found the graphics in STATISTICA to be the most easily converted for publication and presentation slides of any of the packages I have used (including SAS and SYSTAT).

Jack T. Reed
Mississippi State University

Has the statistical techniques I need. Easy to use. Good graphics.

Francisco Cabrera Rodriguez
Tenerife, Spain

Best online help facility ever.

Renda McGill
ACms Mining Consultants

Excellent. Beats the pants off other stats programs. Excellent speed; beautiful graphics.

Dr. S. Memmott
Norman, OK 73072

Excellent. By far the most intuitive and user-friendly statistics program. The manual itself ranks with the best statistics texts as advanced source book.

Dr. M. Berman
Department of Anesthesiology
Columbia University Medical School
New York, NY 10032

Excellent. WOW!!!

Dr. D. M. Nebeker
Organizational Systems Department
San Diego, CA 92152

Excellent. User-friendly. Comprehensive array of statistics. Excellent graphics. Can’t imagine using another stat program!

Dr. F. A. Ernst
Family and Preventive Medicine
Meharry Medical College
Nashville, TN 37208

Excellent. An absolutely wonderful program from every perspective. The Scrollsheet feature is the epitome of efficiency.

R. W. Jenny
Wadsworth Center for Lab. and Res.
New York State Department of Health
Albany, New York, NY 12201

Excellent. STATISTICA is the most user-friendly and high-performance statistical software package on the market.

Dr. K. Hudgahl
Department of Biological
and Medical Psychology
University of Bergen, Norway



L. D. Brauer, M.D.
Wethersfield, CT 06109

Excellent. StatSoft has not searched for excellence, in STATISTICA/w it has surpassed excellence.

R. J. Van Eyden
Pretoria, 0001, South Africa

Excellent. Full scale graphics program. Excellent documentation.

Dr. J. Nichols
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21287

Excellent. Graphics layout is A++ every day.

J. A. Shaw, C.T.A., C.P.O., Attorney
JAS International Group
Morton Grove, IL 60053

Excellent. Very logical organization + interface. Wonderful graphics. SPSS and SAS – eat your heart out!

J. Alonso
South Yarra, Victoria, Australia

Excellent. Outstanding, professional product. Very easy to use and interpret data. Almost too many graphics possibilities to choose from. You are the leader in analytical graphics software.

G. Lundt
Oak Park, IL 60301

Excellent. This is a beautiful package — I look forward to using it more. My congratulations to your designers — this is orders of magnitude ahead of competition!

J. Vogel
Fairport, NY 14450

Excellent. Easy to use. Excellent MANOVA module.

B. Beckley, M.D.
Department of Neurology
VA Medical Center
Martinez, CA 94553

Excellent. This statistics package will definitely replace the SPSS used in this laboratory for 7 years.

W. Y. Su
Taichung, Taiwan ROC

Excellent. Complete control over output; DDE and OLE support; toolbars.

D. Martin
Food Engineering
Plymouth, MN 55447

Excellent. Congratulations! An absolutely excellent program. I am very impressed. Very easy to use and powerful.

Dr. R. Gustafson
Department of Social Sciences
University of Orebro
Orebro, Sweden

Excellent. This is an incredibly comprehensive statistical package that greatly benefits from the user-friendliness of Windows.

J. Hansen, M.D.
V.M. Medical Center
Seattle, WA 98101

Excellent. It’s an amazing program: easy to use, complete, and sophisticated.

V. John
8400 Oostende, Belgium

Excellent. Very complete. I have not found any weak points so far.

R. I. Godinez, M.D.
Department of Anesthesia
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Excellent. It is VERY easy to learn to use, even without the manuals.

C. Luce
USDA Forest Service
Moscow, ID 83843

 Excellent. The on-line manual [electronic manual] is excellent.

Dr. D. Hartley
Lansing, MI 48906

Excellent. Easy and simple to use. Excellent.

Dr. R. Schiff
West Caldwell, NJ 07006

 Excellent. STATISTICA does everything anyone could want.

J. Collopy
Columbus, IN 47201

Excellent. Incredible technical coverage. I can discard 5 years of statistical software for this package. Have not found any missing features yet.

B. Schultz
Sidney, OH 45365

Excellent. Long Live StatSoft! The company is both responsible and responsive to its users. Their product is of high quality and user-friendly.

B. Schenck-Hamlin
Manhattan, KS 66502

Excellent. Easy to use with little need to refer to manual.

M. Peterson
Chicago, IL 60603

Excellent. All features are excellent. The manual is excellent.

Dr. J. Nichols
Department of Pathology
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD 21287

Excellent. Handles large ANOVA/MANOVA designs easily.

LTC J. M. King
US Army Aeromedical
Research Laboratory
Fort Ruckor, AL 36362

Excellent. Fast, flexible (usually), very informative manual.

Dr. A. C. Swann
Department of Psychiatry
Houston Medical School
University of Texas
Houston, TX 77030

Excellent. Easy to use and sophisticated as well. Requires minimal user input to get fancy results; especially ease of graphing. Great multiple-window capability!

R. P. Hart
Veeder-Root Co.
Simsbury, CT 06070

Excellent. Wonderful graphics!

J. I. Ornato, M.D.
Medical College of Virginia
Richmond, VA 23298

 Excellent. Graphical User Interface looks terrific.

Takao Takahashi
Brookline, MA 02146

 Excellent. Strong points: I can only quote your brochure.

Prof. Dr. Ad W. M. Teulings
Leiden, The Netherlands

Excellent. Really performing! Very good customer service and maintenance.

Dr. J. L. Scholtes
UCL – St. Luc
B-1200 Brussels, Belgium

 Excellent. Speed!!! Right-mouse button integration.

G. Italia, S.P.A.
20047 Brugherio, Italy

Excellent. Easy to use, powerful, user-friendly. Excellent documentation.

M. A. Sackner, CEO
Nims, Inc.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

I am amazed at how easy a program can be to use! Fast! Excellent menu of graphs. Very user-friendly interface. Excellent manual.

R. Carroll
Howard Hughes Medical Center
Chicago, IL 60637

Excellent. Great graphics, speed, integration.

Dr. J. Kolasa
Department of Biology
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario
Canada L8S 4K1

Excellent. Compatible with Windows: if you know Windows it’s easy to use.

I. R. Mallert
IE Company
Wilmington, NC 28401

Excellent. Relatively easy to use menu interface. Good help scr. [electronic manual]. Speed is great!

W. Belzer
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6P 6H9

Excellent. Great new Windows interface!

A. Padilla
Research and Development
Allergen, Inc.
Irvine, CA 92715

Intuitive, easy to use.

Dr. P. J. Crosbie
Department of Marketing
Santa Clara University
Santa Clara, CA 95053

Excellent. Strong points: Intuitiveness, quickness of the user-interface, ease of use. Weak points: None.

Dr. A. Scolari
Nogara, Verona, Italy

Excellent. FANTASTIC. Advisor and other help and explanation (electronic manual) are great!

R. Sears
Worthington, OH 43085

Excellent. Incredible graphics. So easy to use. I LOVE it!

J. J. Block
Wilson Associates
Denver, CO 80231

We at StatSoft are very grateful to all users of our programs who took time to provide us with their feedback!

Demand Forecasting





To optimize operational efficiency and profitability in any industry, accurate demand forecasting is crucial. Businesses need a clear picture to be able to satisfy consumer demand. In the short term, overestimated demand leaves the supplier with a surplus that can be a financial drain; underestimated demand means missed sales opportunities. In the longer term, strategic investments for growth require a comprehensive assessment of critical markets, the impact of key external events, and the potential effectiveness of marketing campaigns. In short, maximum effectiveness and profitability require a good system of forecasting that is always evolving.


STATISTICA offers such a solution for demand forecasting. STATISTICA Enterprise and Data Miner offer a platform for developing forecast models, finding key factors that impact demand, and—most importantly—for maintaining these forecast models with automatic updates. The platform can handle hundreds or thousands of individual items or SKUs, and will intelligently consolidate forecasts at different levels of aggregation.


statistica graph related to demand forecasting
  • Predict Demand Based on Your Business Data: Forecast modeling tools make it possible for you to better estimate demand, allowing for nimble changes in production, staffing, or general resource allocation.
  • Keep Forecast Models Current, Automatically: Forecast models need updated frequently to stay current. STATISTICA Enterprise automates the analysis to update the set of forecast models across the entire operation: multiple product lines, locations, SKUs, etc.
  • Apply Robust Prediction Algorithms. The STATISTICA Enterprise solution goes beyond standard time-series methods to apply robust general forecasting algorithms that identify repeatable patterns and trends, and the drivers behind them.
  • Stay Aware with Automated Reporting and Tracking: Reports are generated automatically and sent to the appropriate personnel for review. Alerts notify of changes in demand that need addressed.
  • Find Influential Factors: Isolate variables that spark shifts in demand, and use that information to react quickly as well as stimulate demand increases when possible.
  • Understand and Communicate with Precision: Built-in descriptive statistics and visualization capabilities make analytics and reporting simple.
  • Optimize Processes: Dig deeper to find root causes, and enable whole process understanding that was previously not possible.

Advanced Analytics Users Study Survey: Be Part of the Upcoming Hurwitz Victory Index

20c929ea-d074-4516-ae57-54343f36be5fHurwitz & Associates, a market research and analyst firm, will publish its Advanced Analytics Victory Index in 2014. In order to best guide those who are evaluating vendors, Hurwitz is surveying current users to provide feedback that will be factored into the index.

The survey contains only a handful of questions and takes but a minute or two to complete. In exchange, Hurwitz promises to send a summary of survey results to each participant.
Please take this survey yourself and share the link with others. We certainly would like Hurwitz to have a thorough and robust volume of user feedback as they develop their upcoming Advanced Analytics Victory Index.

Take Survery

STATISTICA Numerical Precision

fp-banners-dnn-products-featuresSTATISTICA Numerical Precision

Tests of numerical precision and accuracy of statistical algorithms of the main computational engines of STATISTICA (by StatSoft, Inc.)

The following selection of 52 datasets and analysis designs included in these validation benchmarks represent:

  • Standard tests of numerical accuracy for floating point mathematical operations (such as the small relative variance test, etc.);
  • Published benchmark datasets developed for the purpose of testing statistics programs and used in published reviews of statistics and math packages (including all benchmark datasets proposed in “Benchmark datasets for Evaluating Microcomputer Statistical Programs,” by Elliott, Reisch, and Campbell); and
  • A comprehensive selection of sample datasets for complex and demanding numerical problems (and some unusual datasets) recommended to us by leading experts in the respective areas of statistics¹ and/or published in statistics textbooks and special monographs, including representative samples of computational problems from the “Analysis of Messy Data”, by Milliken and Johnson (1984), and “Applied Linear Statistical Models”, by Neter, Wasserman, and Kutner (1985), as well as books by Box et al., Cox, Lindman, Searle, and other authors.

The accuracy criterion for all benchmarks presented below are either the respective published sources or, where applicable, the internal consistency of the results.

To the best of our knowledge, STATISTICA is the only statistics package available on the market which has successfully passed every test included in this set of benchmarks (and some tests reported here cannot be passed by any program other than STATISTICA).

* We are grateful to Dr. Lynn Brecht (UCLA), Dr. John Castellan (Indiana University), Dr. Elazar Pedhazur (New York University), Dr. Dallas Johnson (Kansas State University), Dr. Geoffrey Keppel (University of California, Berkeley), Dr. Michael Kutner (Emory University), Dr. George Milliken (Kansas State University), Dr. Paul Switzer (Stanford University), Dr. William Wasserman (Syracuse University), Dr. Thomas Wickens (UCLA), and Dr. Arthur Woodward (UCLA) for their advice, and for recommending to us some of the datasets used in these validation benchmarks, and to Drs. A. Woodward and L. Brecht for allowing us to use datasets from the technical documentation for Ganova. We are also grateful to all those researchers and practitioners who generously provided us with their raw datasets and allowed us to use them in the validation benchmarks. We would appreciate readers’ suggestions concerning any additional benchmarks which could be included in this set.

Statistica Resource Library – Video Tutorials





Video Tutorials

Introductory Overview

Welcome to STATISTICA, where every analysis you will ever need is at your fingertips. Used around the world and supported by 30 offices worldwide, StatSoft’s STATISTICA line of software has gained unprecedented recognition by users and reviewers. In addition to both basic and advanced statistics, STATISTICA products offer specialized tools for analyzing neural networks, determining sample size, designing experiments, creating real-time quality control charts, reporting via the Web, and much more . . . the possibilities are endless.

Video Title
Use the Analysis Toolbar
In this demonstration, see the benefits of convenient multi-tasking functionality in STATISTICA. Run multiple copies of STATISTICA at the same time, run multiple analyses of the same or different kinds, run analyses on the same or different data files, or do all three.
Save and Retrieve Projects
STATISTICA Projects provide the means to save your work and return to it later. A project is a “snapshot” of STATISTICA at the time it was saved: input data, results including graphs, spreadsheets, workbooks and reports, and data miner workspaces. This tutorial explains how projects are used.
Use Variable Bundles
With the Variable Bundles Manager, you can easily create bundles of variables in order to organize large sets of variables and to facilitate the repeated selection of the same set of variables. By creating bundles, you can quickly and easily locate a subset of data in a large data file.
Perform By Group Analysis
With STATISTICA, you can generate output for each unique level of a By variable or unique combination of multiple By variables at the individual results level. This makes it very easy to compare results of an analysis across different groups.
Select Subsets of Cases
In this demonstration, see the extremely flexible facilities for case selection provided in STATISTICA. You can specify cases in two different ways, either temporarily, only for the duration of a single analysis, or more permanently for all subsequent analyses using the current spreadsheet.
Data Filtering/Cleaning
Data Cleaning is an important first step in Data Mining and general analysis projects.  This tutorial illustrates several of the data cleaning tools of STATISTICA.
Use Spreadsheet Formulas
Variables in STATISTICA Spreadsheets can be defined by formulas that support a wide selection of mathematical, logical, and statistical functions. Furthermore, STATISTICA provides the option to automatically or manually recalculate all spreadsheet functions as the data change. In this demonstration, see how STATISTICA’s “type ahead” feature recognizes functions and prompts for the necessary parameters.
Select Output
What is your preference for showing the results of your analyses? See how the various output options in STATISTICA let you work the way you want. View your results in individual windows, store output in a convenient workbook, or annotate results in a presentation-quality report. The Output Manager gives you complete control and remembers your preferences.
Microsoft Office Integration 
STATISTICA is fully integrated with Microsoft Office products. This demonstration shows how to output STATISTICA results to Microsoft Word and open a Microsoft Excel document in STATISTICA. 
Workbook Multi-item Display
STATISTICA multi-item display enables you to quickly view and edit all documents within a workbook. This video demonstrates how to view multi-item displays, print and save multi-item displays as PDF files, and customize STATISTICA documents within the multi-item display grid.
Reports In PDF Format
With STATISTICA, you can easily create reports in Acrobat (PDF) format for all STATISTICA document types. This powerful feature enables you to share documents with colleagues who have a PDF Reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader. This video demonstrates how to save and print all STATISTICA document types as PDF files.
Categories of Graphs
In addition to the specialized statistical graphs that are available through all results dialog boxes in STATISTICA, there are two general types of graphs in STATISTICA. In this demonstration, these two graph types are explored: Graphs of Input Data, which visualize or summarize raw values from input data spreadsheets, and Graphs of Block Data, which visualize arbitrarily selected blocks of values, regardless of their source.
Auto-Update Graphs
The dynamic features to automatically update graphs facilitate the visual exploration of data. STATISTICA Graphs are dynamically linked to the data. Thus, when the data change, the graphs automatically update. This video demonstration explores how this functionality can be used for data correction and how to glean important patterns visually from the data, as well as how to create custom graph templates.
Create Random Sub-Samples
During exploratory analysis of very large data sets, it may be best to perform a variety of preliminary analyses using a subset of data. When all the data cases are equally important and a smaller but fully representative subset of the data is sufficient, it is beneficial to use STATISTICA’s options for creating new data files containing random subsets of data contained in the parent files. See how a random subset is created from a file containing 100,000 data cases.
Use Microscrolls
In this demonstration, see how microscrolls, a flexible interface with full mouse and keyboard support, aid interactive input of numerical values in STATISTICA. Microscrolls are available in every dialog with numerical input options, and greatly increase the speed and efficiency of the user interface.
ActiveX Controls
With STATISTICA, you can embed Active X controls into graphs. Active X controls provide the capability to create a custom user interface. This video demonstrates the use of a slider control and how it can be used to create a highly interactive graph.
This demonstration shows how browser windows in STATISTICA are useful for viewing STATISTICA Enterprise Server reports, as well as viewing custom-made web interfaces that seamlessly interact with STATISTICA.

Purpose and Advantages of In-Place Database Processing (IDP)

version-12The In-Place Database Processing (IDP) is an advanced database access technology developed at StatSoft to support high-performance, direct interface between external data sets residing on remote servers and the analytic functionality of STATISTICA products. The IDP technology has been developed to facilitate accessing data in large databases using a one-step process which does not necessitate creating local copies of the data set. IDP significantly increases the performance of STATISTICA; it is particularly well suited for large data mining and exploratory data analysis tasks. IDP technology also provides a security advantage in that data never leave the secure database (remain in the database at all times).

The speed gains of the IDP technology – over accessing data in a traditional way – result not only from the fact that IDP allows STATISTICA to access data directly in databases and skip the otherwise necessary step of first importing the data and creating a local data file, but also from its “multitasking” (technically, asynchronous and distributed processing) architecture. Specifically, IDP uses the processing resources (multiple CPUs) of the database server computers to execute the query operations, extract the requested records of data and send them to the STATISTICA computer, while STATISTICA is simultaneously processing these records as they arrive.

Compatibility with STATISTICA products

The IDP technology can be used with both desktop and enterprise versions of STATISTICA products and it is fully compatible with the Client-Server architecture of STATISTICA Enterprise Server (the requests can be made over the Web and data processed asynchronously by STATISTICA Enterprise Server computers connected to the (next-tier) database server computers which will execute the queries). IDP is also optimized to seamlessly integrate with STATISTICA Data Miner which supports multiple IDP data input channels.

Architecture and Programmability

The IDP technology is implemented around a COM object which wraps an instance of a Microsoft Active Data Object (ADO) Recordset object and implements a subset of the Spreadsheet COM interface in the STATISTICA Object Library. This works because all STATISTICA Analyses access the source Spreadsheet data via the Spreadsheet interface. (Actually the InputSpreadsheet interface, which has a subset of the Spreadsheet interface methods. This InputSpreadsheet interface is normally hidden in the Object Browser but can be seen by right-clicking in Object Browser and selecting “Show Hidden Members”.) Therefore, to a STATISTICA Analysis, the IDP looks just like a Spreadsheet. Indeed, advanced users of STATISTICA could wrap an InputSpreadsheet interface around any data source at all, and perform STATISTICA Analyses on it programmatically via the STATISTICA Object Model.

Behind the scenes, certain steps must be taken by the spreadsheet wrapper object to make Analyses work seamlessly. For instance, if an Analysis requires the number of cases in a Recordset before that information is known, then either a separate “count” query will be executed synchronously (i.e., the analysis must wait until the count query returns before continuing) and the result returned to the analysis, or some arbitrary upper bound on the case count will be returned immediately. This behavior is configurable on the IDP page of the STATISTICA options dialog. Also, if using a forward only cursor (see below) and the Analysis must make multiple passes through the data or access the data in random order, then any request for a previous case (row) forces the IDP to requery the database and advance the cursor forward to the requested case, since the cursor may not be scrolled backwards. The Analysis would simply wait until this process is completed and the requested data were provided to it.

IDP Type Library – Two Main Interfaces

DBTable provides programmatic access to the IDP Document, much as the Macro, Graph, and Spreadsheet interfaces provide access to STATISTICA Macros, Graphs, and Spreadsheets. In addition to the standard document methods and properties (Visible, Activate, Close, etc) it provides access to all IDP specific options (cursor type, location, query string, etc.) Its read-only property “Spreadsheet” returns the Spreadsheet wrapper around the ADO Recordset.

The second interface is DBSpreadsheet. This interface is used internally by the IDP to create the Spreadsheet wrapper object, and could also by used by users writing their own macros or programs, although in most cases the DBTable interface is sufficient and will itself use a DBSpreadsheet object. This interface has two methods, Open and CreateNew. Open executes the supplied query and opens an ADO Recordset. It creates a Spreadsheet wrapper object and attaches the ADO Recordset to it, and returns this Spreadsheet object. CreateNew creates a Spreadsheet wrapper object which is not attached to any Recordset and therefore is not useable until you call its “SetRecordset” method to attach an ADO Recordset object of your own creation.