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Statistica / Custom Development

StatSoft offers statistical consulting services that can range from a few hours of expert advice on your data analysis to a full service analysis or data mining project. The data preparation and analysis tasks take time and expertise. When these resources are not available to complete the analysis project, StatSoft Statistical Consultants can help. Our consultants are very knowledgeable in statistics and experts with the STATISTICA software.


A StatSoft Statistical Consultant will review your project needs and provide an estimate of the time required and cost with no cost or obligation. Email to discuss your project.

Consulting Projects

Statistical Consulting encompasses a wide range of services including:

  • Designing an experiment or study before data are collected
  • Data cleaning and exploration
  • Model building and evaluation
  • Deployment of models generated from data mining

Statistical Consultants can either provide advice and guidance at any of these steps or perform the tasks. Consulting projects are custom tailored to your specific needs.

Success Stories

The power industry has been highly successful with implementing STATISTICA in conjunction with consulting services. Visit StatSoft Power Solutions to learn more about how companies in the power industry have reduced costs and improved production with STATISTICA MultiStream.