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Participate in the 2013 Data Miner Survey #RexerAnalytics

2013 Data Miner Survey:

Thank you for your interest in this 2013 survey of the analytic behaviors, views
and preferences of data mining, data science, and analytic professionals.

Your responses are completely confidential; no information you provide on the
survey will be shared with anyone outside of Rexer Analytics in any way that
identifies an individual respondent.  All reporting of the survey findings will be done
in the aggregate, and any quotes taken from open-end responses will be carefully
scrubbed so no individual identifying information is included.

Rexer Analytics has been conducting the Data Miner Survey since 2007.  Over
1300 people from around the globe participated in the 2011 survey.  Summary
reports (PDFs of about 40 pages) from previous surveys are available FREE to
everyone –– simply email us at  Also,
highlights of earlier Data Miner Surveys are available online, including best
practices shared by respondents on analytic success measurement, overcoming
data mining challenges, and other topics.  The FREE Summary Report for this
2013 Data Miner Survey will be available to everyone in the Fall of 2013.

This research is not being conducted on behalf of any third party, but is solely for
Rexer Analytics to disseminate the findings throughout the data mining
analytic community.

To participate, please click on the link below and enter the access code in the
space provided.  The survey should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Start Survey:   Rexer Analytics 2013 Data Miner Survey
Access Code:   Please use the code provided to you   
                If you haven’t received an access code, please use code R68L3.

Thank you for participating.

— The Rexer Analytics Data Miner Survey Team




STATISTICA Data Miner is the most powerful and comprehensive selection of data mining solutions on the market, with an icon-based, extremely easy-to-use user interface and deployment engine. It features a selection of automated and ready-to-deploy data mining.

At the same time, STATISTICA Data Miner is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet very specific and demanding analysis requirements through its open architecture. It also features a straightforward, wizardstyle Data Miner Recipes user interface that guides the user step-by-step with plain English prompts to create a desired model or a work-flow, or alternatively creates a model in one step by bypassing all prompts and using intelligent defaults selected by the program.

A flexible and powerful solution:
• Highly scalable, leading-edge algorithms, trees, boosting, ensembles
• All standard analytic modeling tools, logistic regression, linear models…
• Industry standard interfaces
• Ability to connect to all industry standard database and file formats
• Comprehensive API allows quick and straightfoward connection to
existing IT assets, including scheduling engines
Preferred tools and solutions recognized by industry experts, experienced
users, and novices alike:
• Rated highest in customer satisfaction in largest independent surveys
of users for three consecutive years1
• Double-Victor in Predictive Analytics Industry Quadrant2
• Reviewers’ Choice: Statistica software offers superior price to
performance ratio3
• Used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide; supported by
30 offices on all continents

Comprehensive BIG DATA support

Enterprise versions of Data Miner offer:
• Access to Hadoop and other distributed file system formats
• Proprietary algorithms to optimize calculation of analytics on extremely
large data sets (with map-reduce analytics options)
• Multithreading optimizations to leverage multi-core CPU architecture
and provide high performance even on relatively inexpensive hardware
• Managed automation to build, recalibrate, and deploy models, so you
can work with thousands of models to extract big insights from big data

To read more click here to see the full Data Miner Brochure.

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Featured Article: Full Rexer Report Shows StatSoft STATISTICA’s a Big Winner Among Users!

Featured Article: Full Rexer Report Shows STATISTICA’s a Big Winner Among Users

 Rexer Analytics has just released the full summary report of its 5th Annual Data Miner Survey, and we are excited to share that StatSoft’s STATISTICA blew away the competition.

Not only was STATISTICA the primary data mining tool chosen most often by users, but STATISTICA received the highest user satisfaction in 16 out of 20 categories as shown here:

Download A STATISTICA Advanced v10 Demo

Has my university/institution got a license?

For more information Contact us…..


StatSoft Southern Africa Research

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Powerful solutions for:

* Business intelligence

* Data mining

* Research Analytics

* Quality control





STATISTICA Solutions for Semiconductor and Automated Manufacturing

One of the most complex as well as expensive automated manufacturing environments is that required for the manufacture of semiconductors. The typical process involves the nearly fully automated application of hundreds of processing steps to lots (“stacks”) of silicon wafers, each containing a large number of microchips. Creating a high-yield process, where most (e.g., 90% or more) of all chips pass final acceptance testing is extremely difficult and time consuming. At the same time, the cost of failure in this environment is significant, as each wafer can be many times more valuable than even the most precious metal by weight. Moreover, unexpectedly lengthy ramp-up times (to create a reliable production process) may significantly undercut the commercial value of the final product, hence jeopardizing the huge investment in the semiconductor Fab, which may well reach $2 Billion dollars or more!

STATISTICA and the Engineering Process

The STATISTICA system provides a huge set of tools for engineers, to study processes. First, the STATISTICA system will quickly and seamlessly integrate into the existing information infrastructure, querying directly the relevant databases (practically all industry standard database formats are supported). There is no need to laboriously import the data into, for example, a limited spreadsheet format for further analyses; instead STATISTICA connects directly to your data.

Next, STATISTICA interactive graphics are extremely fast and flexible, so meaningful views and graphical summaries of key processes, variables, measurements, outcomes, etc. can be created very quickly. 

Complete Customizability and Programmability

Each process is unique, and the techniques for automated manufacturing are constantly evolving in this highly competitive environment. STATISTICA is fully customizable and programmable, down to all aspects of graphs, data handling, and so on. Hence, in addition to providing an extremely sophisticated and flexible off-the-shelf tool, the system also serves as a toolbox that will enable engineers to develop custom analyses and processes quickly, to support the critical ramp-up of new manufacturing processes, and the specialized analytic tools to support them.

Advanced Data Mining and Predictive Quality Control

STATISTICA Data Miner provides an extremely comprehensive set of knowledge discovery algorithms that can be applied to support the manufacturing process. In addition to commonly used advanced neural network architectures, STATISTICA Data Miner implements the most cutting edge tools in a single integrated platform. For example, the system includes algorithms such as stochastic gradient boosting, random forests, support vector machines, multivariate adaptive regression splines (MARSplines), independent components analysis, to name a few. These techniques can be used to build robust and reliable predictive models for quality or failure, even in high-dimensional environments with large numbers of variables (but few “cases” or “rows”) and significant interactions between them (e.g., interactions between tools). All of these methods are implemented in the same efficient and programmable STATISTICA platform, yielding the most advanced set of tools for tackling difficult root-cause analysis and predictive QC problems.

STATISTICA Data Miner and KLA-Tencor

STATISTICA Data Miner and other statistical analysis algorithms are used to provide the core support in KLA-Tencor’s yield analysis and management systems. Because StatSoft is the recognized leader in the application of advanced, cutting-edge data mining techniques, KLA-Tencor has chosen STATISTICA and StatSoft as the partner, to provide critical advanced data analysis and data mining support for dedicated yield management solutions for the semiconductor industries. Indeed, the complete programmability and customizability of the STATISTICA system make it the ideal toolkit for these types of custom solution systems.