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HIV/AIDS Statistics in South Africa

Statsoft Southern Africa Research supplies STATISTICA software to the Department of Health and the entire Wits Health Faculty which includes MRC (Medical Research Council) who also specialize in collecting data for HIV/AIDS related research.

Below is a detailed technical report containing analytics and the HIV/AIDS forecast for South Africa.

In his presentation last week, Minister of Health, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, presented a troubling picture of the HIV epidemic showing our failure as a country to turn the tide against this unrelenting virus, Quoting data from STATS SA, Department of Health, Department of Home Affairs, World Health Organization, Medical Research Council, Human Science Research Council (HSRC) and a series of articles on Health in South Africa published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, he described how HIV has spread to every corner of our country, has impacted on TB and the health services, and dramatically shortened life expectancy. The central point was that an unacceptably large number of South Africans have not been able to realise their dream of a better life in a free and democratic South Africa due to the scourge of AIDS and that this situation cannot be allowed to continue any longer.

To see the rest of the full detailed technical report, please click here

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