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Power Plant Performance Reporter

  • Review historical performance data
  • Conduct performance analyses
  • Identify trends and run comparisons

All with no effort or help from your IT department!

Power Plant Performance Reporter is an inexpensive and simple-to-use system for summarizing and reporting on all aspects of your power plant’s performance; installs in minutes right from your desktop!

Power Plant Performance Reporter is a simple-to-install, simple-to-use, and inexpensive software solution, to combine all available data from different sources for summary analyses, ad-hoc graphing, and summary reporting

Do you currently have any tools to:

  • Create summary and trend reports of how your plant performed last week, month, year?
  • Create scatterplots, trend plots, box plots, etc. of key power plant performance indicators, to summarize and explore validated, aggregated historical data?
  • Create reports automatically on your desktop every morning (as PDF or Word documents) to summarize what happened last night, last week, etc.?

If not, you need Power Plant Performance Reporter.

PPPR Screenshot, Line graph, NOx and CO by Day

Power Plant Performance Reporter enables you to know what is happening with your power plant, instead of “guessing” what may have happened!

Power Plant Performance Reporter will be the most significant and least expensive tool you ever buy to keep you informed and in control!

For example, with Power Plant Performance Reporter, you can create informative reports on key power plant performance indicators, quickly and without effort:

  • Create summary plots and statistical reports of flame temperature trends, emissions, heat transfer efficiencies by day-of-the-week, hour, month, etc.
  • Automatically create default reports every morning about operations over the past 24 hours
  • Quickly create graphs of primary, secondary, and tertiary air flows, stochoimetric ratios, OFA vs. CO, NOx, for hourly summaries, for the entire last month, based on validated data

What it does:

Power Plant Performance Reporter(PPPR) enables you to create quickly summary reports, graphs, statistics, or ad-hoc analyses of the data you are already collecting.

PPPR Screenshot, Scatterplot, Flame Temperature vs. NOx

How it works:

Power Plant Performance Reporter will automatically connect to your OSI Pi and other auxiliary databases (e.g., Access databases), clean and validate the data, aggregate the data (e.g., to hourly averages, minimum/maximum values, etc.), and align the data so that you can quickly examine meaningful graphs, summary reports, and trend reports.

PPPR Screenshot, Histogram, Distribution of NOx

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