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Independent Report Labels StatSoft as “Double Victor” Based on Vision, Viability, and Value

StatSoft Recognized by Analysts as Industry Leader in Predictive Analytics
Hurwitz’s Victory Index Labels StatSoft as “Double Victor”
Organizations are adopting, integrating and utilizing predictive analytics at an incredible rate. The business value of predictive analytics is clear: it enables organizations to define and attract the most profitable customers, streamline their resourcing and supply chain, improve the quality and targeting of their products, and many other applications. The Victory Index for predictive analytics, developed by Hurwitz & Associates, is designed to help organizations with an analysis of vendors and solutions for predictive analytics software. Hurwitz labeled StatSoft as a “Double Victor” based on its strong presence in the market, a solid vision, impeccable customer service, and great value for lower total cost of ownership.
The Victory Index is a valuable tool that companies can use to better understand predictive analytics and how that company can become a key player in a highly competitive market. The report shows where each of the leading vendors fall within the designated categories so that companies can capitalize on the experts and their Index rankings in the field of predictive analytics.


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