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Considering Alternatives to SAS?

Do you use SAS for predictive modeling, advanced analytics, business intelligence, insurance or financial applications, or data visualization?


SAS software is expensive and carries high, unpredictable annual licensing costs. SAS software is difficult to use, requiring specific SAS programming expertise, and it drives users toward dependency on only SAS-specific solutions (e.g., their proprietary data warehouses). Data visualization is integral for analytics, but SAS’s graphics have major shortcomings.

STATISTICA has consistently been ranked the highest in ease of use and customer satisfaction in independent surveys of analytics professionals. Click here to see the results of the most recent Rexer survey (2010), the largest survey of data mining professionals in the industry.


We offer the breadth of analytics capabilities and performance, including the most comprehensive data mining solution on the market, using more open, modern technologies. StatSoft software is designed to facilitate interfacing with all industry standard components of your computer infrastructure (e.g., ultra-fast integration with Oracle, MS SQL Server, and other databases) instead of locking you into proprietary standards and total dependence on one vendor.

STATISTICA is significantly faster than SAS. StatSoft is an Intel® Software Premiere Elite Partner and has developed technologies that leverage Intel CPU architecture to deliver unmatched parallel processing performance (press release with Intel) and rapidly process terabytes of data. StatSoft’s robust, cutting-edge enterprise system technology drives the analytics and analytic data management at some of the largest computer infrastructures in the world at Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Quotes from SAS Customers

“We acquired our SAS license seven years ago and quickly learned that with SAS, you do not pay just an annual renewal and support fee – you practically have to “buy” the software again every year. Our first year renewal fee was already 60% of the initial purchase price, and it increased steadily and every year. Two years ago, our annual fee exceeded the initial purchase price we paid, and it keeps going up much faster than the inflation. This is not sustainable.” – CEO, Technology Company

“It took 8 weeks to install SAS Enterprise Miner. The installer just didn’t work. And we’re a midsize company, so we were a low priority for SAS’s technical support.” – Engineer, Chemical Company

“Early in our evaluation, we eliminated SAS from our consideration of fraud detection solutions primarily due to the exorbitant cost.” – Chief Actuary, Insurance Company

“We had used SAS on-demand for my data mining class. A few days before finals, all of our students’ project files were corrupted. Our SAS technical support representative confirmed there was nothing that could be done to restore the files. We’re switching to STATISTICA.” – University Professor

“Now, all graduate students use R. It is getting more difficult to find SAS programmers.” – Head of Statistics, Pharmaceutical Company

“We used SAS until May 2009 when we converted to WPS. The conversion went remarkably smoothly and was completed on time. Not only did we save a substantial amount in licensing fees, we also regained functionality such as Graphs that we had previously removed because of the cost.” – Survey respondent on
How to Proceed

StatSoft makes it easy to transition your current SAS environment to STATISTICA, either gradually or all at once. STATISTICA offers:

Direct import/export to SAS files
Deployment of predictive models to SAS code to score against SAS data sets
Native integration to run R program

For more information and for specific recommendations to suit your needs, please contact one of our representatives using the form below: ,

How to Save a Microsoft Word Document in STATISTICA?

STATISTICA offers the ability to output your results, tables and graphs, to a Microsoft Word document. This feature makes creating your final analysis report easy. The step of copy and pasting the results to Word is no longer needed. Additionally, with Microsoft Word output, it is easy to share analysis output with colleagues, regardless of if they use STATISTICA.


For those using the 64 bit version of STATISTICA and the 32 bit version of Microsoft Word, problems may arise when saving the Microsoft Word document. The dialog to save the file does not default to saving the document as a *.docx, but rather a *.rtf file.

Save as docx


The Word document can be saved as a Word document, *.docx, but to do so may not be obvious. These simple steps will allow you to save your Microsoft Word document, created in STATISTICA, as a Word document and not only a Rich Text File.

  1. Change the Save as type to All Files (*.*)
  2. Type in the desired file name, adding the Microsoft Word file extension, *.docx. Now the file will save as a Microsoft Word document as expected.

Save as docx

This Microsoft Word document can be opened and edited in Word.