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The 13th Annual KDnuggets™ Software Poll – STATISTICA

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“For the first time, the number of users of free/open source software exceeded the number of users of commercial software. The usage of Big Data software grew five-fold. R, Excel, and RapidMiner were the most popular tools, with StatSoft STATISTICA getting the top commercial tool spot.” –

The 13th Annual KDnuggets™ Software Poll asked: What Analytics, Data Mining, or Big Data software have you used in the past 12 months for a real project (not just evaluation)?

This May 2012 poll attracted “a very large number of participants and used email verification” to ensure one vote per respondent. Once again, StatSoft’s STATISTICA received very high marks, earning “top commercial tool” in this poll.

StatSoft STATISTICA poll results kdnuggets 2012

Complete poll results and analysis can be found at is a data mining portal and newsletter publisher for the data mining community with more than 12,000 subscribers.